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China's VVULPT is a tax levied on vehicles and vessels as ruled. At present, the VVULPT is only applied to the enterprises with foreign investment, foreign enterprises, the enterprises with investment from overseas Chi ...Learn More

Vehicle Acquisition Tax Q&A

China’s Vehicle Acquisition Tax is a tax levied on the vehicles purchased. The scope of Vehicle Acquisition Tax covers motor vehicles, motorcycles, trams, trailers and transportation vehicles for farm use. Any adjust ...Learn More

Value Added Tax (VAT) Q&A

VAT is levied on basis of the value added realized in course of sales of goods or provision of services. It is a tax popularly levied in the world. Foreign enterprises who are engaged in the sales of goods, importation ...Learn More

Related Q&A on Urban Real Estate Tax

China’s urban real estate tax is a tax levied on urban real estate. The owner of property is liable to Urban Real Estate Tax. Where the property is mortgaged, the mortgaged is liable for tax payment. Where the owner ...Learn More

Tax Collection and Administration System Q&A

Tax Collection and Administration System is to strengthen the tax collection and payment behavior, ensure the state tax revenue, safeguard the legal right and interest of taxpayers and promote the social and economic d ...Learn More

China's Foreign Enterprise Income Tax Q&A

China’s Foreign Enterprise Income Tax is a tax levied on the income of the enterprises with foreign investment and foreign enterprises. Taxpayers whose income from production and business operations and other income ...Learn More

China's Legal Responsibility in Taxation

Legal responsibility of tax is one kind of legal responsibility in the field of taxation. This topic provides articles regarding what is tax violence, how penalize those who violate the invoice administration, how to p ...Learn More

Stamp Tax Q&A

Stamp Tax is a tax levied on the documents written, received in the economic activities. This topic provides articles relating to stamp tax taxpayers, items and rates, calculations, deductions and exemptions, mode for ...Learn More

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