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Tax Exemptions for Foreign Invested Companies

Related rules and regulations state that enterprises with foreign investment, foreign enterprises, the foreign embassies in China, diplomatic representatives, and foreigners may enjoy preferential tax treatment. This t ...Learn More

Related Issues on Deed Tax

China’s Deed Tax is a tax levied on the transferee of a property title when a land and property title is transferred. The payers of Deed Tax include state owned enterprises, collective enterprises, private enterprise ...Learn More

Current Tax System of China & Type of Taxes

The tax system is presently made up of 22 types of tax in China, of which the following 15 are explicitly applicable to enterprises with foreign investment, foreign enterprises and expats,“Provisional Regulations of ...Learn More

New version of Accounting Standard for Business Enterprises

Decree of the Ministry of Finance People’s Republic of China No.33
According to the Official Reply of the State Council Concerning the Accounting Standard for Business Enterprises and General Rules Governing Enterp ...Learn More

Business Tax Related Issues

Business Tax is levied on specified profit-making causes and business activities, which is a popular tax in the world. Enterprises with foreign investment, foreign enterprises engaged in the provisional faxable service ...Learn More

Foreign Enterprise Income Tax Related Issues

Taxpayers of foreign enterprise income tax include the following two categories:
1. The enterprises with foreign investment, including joint ventures, co-operative joint ventures enterprises and wholly foreign owned e ...Learn More

Taxes Applicable to Enterprises with Foreign Investment

Taxes applicable to enterprises with foreign investment and foreign enterprises include: corporate income tax, VAT (value added tax), consumption tax, business tax, IIT (individual income tax), VVULPT (vehicle and vess ...Learn More

Expatriates' Individual Income Tax (IIT) Related Issues

Most of the expatriates working in China are taxable for IIT (individual income tax). This topic explain the standards for tax payer judgment,IIT items and rates,IIT computation method, IIT reductions and exemption ...Learn More

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