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Value Added Tax Related Issues

VAT is levied on basis of the value added realized in course of sales of goods or provision of services. It is a tax popularly levied in the world. Foreign enterprises who are engaged in the sales of goods, importation ...Learn More

Guides for requirements, application process of visa, work & resident permit by exit-entry administration bureau of shanghai public security bureau

How can foreign employees work legally in China? How can they get legal permit of residence? Chinese government has promulgated a set of related laws and regulations to create better investment environment and standard ...Learn More

Advantages/disadvantages of RO, consulting company, trading company.

When you decide to start your business in China, the first thing you have to decide is to choose the entity type. RO, consulting, company trading company…you have to consider your practical operation, profit target, ...Learn More

SAIC requirements regarding establishing FIEs in different industries

Shanghai administration of industry & commerce (SAIC) set for the a series of rules and steps regarding establishing of FIEs in different industries according to Company Law and related regulations. In order to get bus ...Learn More

Requirements of establishing foreign invested companies in different industries by SMERT

Shanghai Foreign Economic Relation & Trade Commission (SMERT)has set forth a list of requirements for establishing foreign invested companies in different industries according to related industrial rules and the Ca ...Learn More

Topic of foreign invested travel agency (domestic business)

According to the Regulation on the Administration of Tourist Agencies and the Tentative Provisions on the Establishment of Foreign-controlled and Wholly Foreign-owned Travel Agencies, foreign investors are permitted to ...Learn More

Topic of foreign invested financial leasing company

According to the Measures for the Administration of Leasing Enterprises with Foreign Investment, foreign investors with total assets of no less than $5 million are allowed to establish leasing enterprise in China in th ...Learn More

Topic of foreign invested job referral agencies company

According to the Opinions on implementation by Shanghai municipality government concerning the Provisional Regulations on the Administration of job referral agency with foreign investment, foreign investors are permitt ...Learn More

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