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Deed Tax Q&A

China’s Deed Tax is a tax levied on the transferee of a property title when a land and property title is transferred. The payers of Deed Tax include state owned enterprises, collective enterprises, private enterprise ...Learn More

Customs Duties Q&A

Customs Duties are levied on goods imported and exported through the country’s border and customs. Payers of Customs duties include the consignees importing the goods permitted by China, the consignors exporting the ...Learn More

Consumption Tax Q&A

Consumption tax is a tax levied on consumer goods and consumer activities. All institutions and individuals producing consumer goods, or processing consumer goods on consignments or importing consumer goods shall be li ...Learn More

Business Tax Q&A

Business Tax is levied on specified profit-making causes and business activities, which is a popular tax in the world. Enterprises with foreign investment, foreign enterprises engaged in the provisional faxable service ...Learn More

Visiting Local Suppliers in China

Visiting local suppliers is the major purpose of coming to China for many foreign guests, and there is significant demand for personal assistant service here. Under this topic, brief introduction of personal assistance ...Learn More

Personal Assistant for Business Negotiation in Shanghai

Business negotiation, as a complicated but essential part in the whole process of business running, directly influences the achievement of a company. As the foreign party in business negotiation in Shanghai, you have t ...Learn More

Related Issues on VVULPT

China’s VVULPT is a tax levied on vehicles and vessels as ruled. At present, the VVULPT is only applied to the enterprises with foreign investment, foreign enterprises, the enterprises with investment from overseas C ...Learn More

Related Issues on Vessel Tonnage Tax

The Vessel Tonnage Tax is base on quantity by applying the proper tax amount per unit of quantity that is determined in line with the type of the taxable vessels, net tonnage and relevant rules. This topic provides art ...Learn More

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